Wiring your home for the future




TECHHOME installs the highest quality telecommunications cable available.

Including RG 11, RG 6 Quad Coaxial cable, CAT 5e, CAT6 and Fiber Optical Cable.

TECHHOME guarantees a professional installation.

All TECHHOME services are performed by licensed and certified Leviton Telecom specialists
All wiring is warranted for the life of your home.

All homes are wired for:

Multiple phone lines
Computer networking
Audio/Video distribution
Security and energy management

The quality of our installations gives you the best possible foundation for any technology need you have, now, and in the future. The amount of cable we install guarantees that in the future when technology changes, your house will be equipped. The newest technologies are leaving enormous amounts of growth in the intelligent home and distributed Audio/Video environment. This means the most important item needed to take advantage of the future technologies is the wiring installed in your home!