Wiring your home for the future




Relax with TECHHOME's multi- zone/multi- source Audio/Video Distribution systems.

The possibilities are truly endless when considering how far to integrate your audio/video with your lifestyle of living.

Unlimited features in entertainment. A tape in the VCR, DVD movie, or a DVD/CD-ROM in the computer can be viewed from any television or computer monitor in the house. If the parents want to watch a movie in the living room and the children want to view their favorite cartoon in the play room, no problem, simply play the movie on the DVD and route the signal to the desired location. This is much easier than disconnecting the DVD, carrying it across the house, and hooking it up to another television. Also it eliminates having to have several DVD players throughout the house. Additionally, these devices can be controlled via remote control from any room in the house. After all, how can a person expect to relax in his Jacuzzi if he must jump out and turn the volume down every time he answers the portable phone.