Wiring your home for the future



Structured Wiring Systems

TECHHOME Provides whole house Phone/Data/Video structured wiring networks and offers integration with other whole house systems, such as HVAC, Lighting, Security, Internet, Computers, and many others. Our cabling structure and topology offer the home owners every possible option when integrating their audio and video with every other aspect of their home and lifestyle.

Just a note: The primary uses in the home for coaxial cable are communications and support. First introduced as a wire to carry up to 150 cable channels into the home, "cable" is playing a bigger role for consumers. Interaction across cable creates home networks. With the use of a modulator, the output of a VCR, laser disc, or computer can be carried across cable and viewed from any television, computer, or screen on the home network.

The ideal medium for in home use is Fiber Optics. The bandwidth need for entertainment and communication make fiber optics the more efficient choice. In addition, the consumer products on shelves today are now designed for fiber compatibility. The demand exists to move to the new medium. TECHHOME installs both Single Mode and Multimode Fiber Optics as a standard.